How to Dress Up a Bagel

Bagels. A major, major obsession of almost everyone I know- and for good reason. They’re delicious. But so bad for you! When I eat a bagel, I choose a whole wheat or whole grain (but sometimes everything, because it’s yummy), and I manipulate it a bit to make myself feel better about the carbs. These are all strategies you can use at home, maybe when stocking up on bagels for the week, to make yourself feel better, too.

How to Dress Up a Bagel Teenage Cakeland

First, I have only half the bagel. Bagels are not very filling and I could probably eat ten if I tried (I haven’t), so this is a way to contain it. I only have half, period. Also, one bagel from Dunkin Donuts or a similar place is about five slices of bread- total overload of empty calories! You only need half to keep satisfied. Plus, now you have twice the meals! Unless it’s something like a package of Thomas bagels, with which you can do some other things to dress them up.

Such as adding a little protein. An egg, perhaps? Or some peanut butter. I have nut butter on almost all my bagels, either with an egg (it’s delicious, try it!) or with a bit of cream cheese.

Some fruit is always welcome! Try bananas, blueberries, or strawberries, either on the bagel itself or alongside it.

How to Dress Up a Bagel Teenage Cakeland


Just a few tasty ways to make a breakfast a bit more nutritious.

I’m watching The Prince of Egypt right now with my sister, and let me just say. This is THE best Disney movie ever created. Not only is it historical (at a basic level, because they did take creative license with the original Moses story, obviously), but inspirational. There will be miracles when you believe. !!!! Like, how cute can you get?!? It might be a little creepy for little kids, though. I watched it and absolutely loved it when I was little, but they have that girl being given as a gift to the pharaoh’s son, and a lot of talk of first-born sons dying, with some graphics on that. But to quote Icona Pop, I don’t care, I love it.


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