Just a quick post today- with exciting news.

I’m training for a 10K!

The race is in seven weeks on September 22nd, so I have that long to get myself to run 6.2 miles straight within a reasonable time. Currently, I can do about 3.5. My training started yesterday while I was in Vermont, and I did 3.34 miles with my dad right behind me. I find it’s encouraging to have someone run with me, as it helps me to keep going and not stop for a walking break. We ran 3.34 miles in 35 minutes, which is fine with me! Running in the mountains is one of my favorite things to do, because the air is so clean and fresh, and also it’s a change of scenery from my own town. I get really bored running the same route all the time and it makes me tired, so vacation running for me is a blessing.

Here’s where you can find my training plan: http://www.womenshealthmag.com/files/pdfs/intermediate-10K-plan.pdf

And here’s where you can find more info about the 10K I’m running in NYC: http://www.run10feed10.com/home/

If you have any tips for me, please leave a comment!

6 thoughts on “10K?

  1. I can’t remember the last time I ran. Or ran 6+ miles. When I use to run, I know we would work our way up to it. Eventually every once in a while, we would do a mile warm up, a six mile run at a 8-10 minute pace, with a mile warm down. Most importantly, don’t forget to warm up, warm down and stretch (before and after)! Good luck. =)

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