How to Improve Your Life With Cake

So I have this crazy Spanish teacher, and she decides to give us a how-to video project. Like, you make a video on how to do something.

Guess what I picked.

You may think I would pick something like How to Frost Cupcakes or How to Make Brownies or the like. But I decided to go for something a little more original.

How to Improve Your Life With Cake.

How to Improve Your Life with Cake Teenage Cakeland

I actually crack myself up so badly. The video is in Spanish, but it’s still pretty funny…and features my APUSH teacher Mr. McAuley, another APUSH teacher Mr. O’Hagan, my friend Margaret, and a chocolate cake! The script in both English and Spanish is below the link to the video. Keep in mind that I am in no way fluent and if you are, sorry about the mistakes! At the end you’ll hear my bird whistling in the background 🙂 Do enjoy.

In English:

Dru: Improve your life with cake. Are you sad the majority of the time? Would you like to improve the quality of your life? It’s posible to be happy and watch other people be happy. How? With cake!

This is a cake.

Make a chocolate cake using a recipe from the blog Teenage Cakeland.

Using a knife, cut the cake. Bring the cake to school and look for an unhappy person.

Hello, Sir, how are you?

McAuley: Hello. I’m sad.

Dru: Oh, no! Do you want to be happy?

McAuley: Yes.

Dru: And how are you now?

McAuley: This cake is delicious! My life has been improved!

Dru: How are you, Sir?

O’Hagan: I’m sad.

Dru: If you’re happy, I’m happy. Do you feel better?

O’Hagan: Yes!

Dru: Eat a piece of cake whenever you are sad. I feel happy now!

It’s possible to make new friends using cake.

Will you be my friend?

Margaret: No.

Dru: Would you like a piece of cake?

Margaret: Yes.

Dru: Will you be my friend now?

Margaret: Yes!

Dru: I hope these instructions have improved your life.

En Español

Dru: Mejore su vida con torta. ¿Está triste la mayoría del tiempo? ¿Deseas mejorar la cualidad de su vida? Es posible que sea feliz y mire a otras personas ser felices. ¿Cómo? ¡Con la torta!

Esta es una torta.

Haga una torta chocolate. Use una receta del blog Teenage Cakeland.

Usando un cuchillo, corte la torta.

Traiga la torta a la escuela y busque una persona triste.

Hola, Señor, ¿cómo está?

McAuley: Hola. Estoy triste.

Dru: ¡Oh, no! ¿Quiere estar feliz?

¿Cómo está ahora?

McAuley:  ¡Esta torta es deliciosa! Mi vida ha sido mejorada.

Dru: ¿Cómo está, Señor?

O’Hagan: Estoy triste.

Dru: Si está contento, yo estoy contenta.

¿Se siente mejor?

O’Hagan: Sí.

Dru: Coma una pieza de torta cualquier Ud. esté triste. Estoy alegre ahora.

Es posible que haga nuevos amigos usando la torta.

¿Será mi amiga?

Margaret: No.

Dru: ¿Quiere una pieza de torta?

Margaret: Sí.

Dru: ¿Le gustaría ser mi amiga ahora?

Margaret: Sí.

Dru: Espero que estas instrucciones hayan mejorado su vida.

How to Improve Your Life with Cake Teenage Cakeland

Chocolate Cake Recipe Coming Soon!

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8 thoughts on “How to Improve Your Life With Cake

  1. That is to awesome! I remember doing a how to speech in front of my class making portobello mushroom chili, yours is much more entertaining and fun with spanish. Great Job! and cake always make me feel better too 🙂

  2. That’s hilarious! My Spanish teacher had us draw situations we had to create a skit about in Spanish. Me and my friend had to go to the mall of America so we bought prom dresses and shoes but tripped down the stairs and had to go to the mayo clinic. That was fun – yours looks like a blast as well! And the cake – now I’m hungry!

  3. Lmao – hilarious! Ahhh, the crazy things teachers make us do. But seriously – cake does improve my life. It’s amazing what it does for my mental health (not so much with the physical health but oh well, we can’t have it all!).

  4. That is Awesome! Everything is better with cake! One of my favorite quotes I found on Pinterest is A Party without Cake is just a Meeting. Now I can say Life without cake is Just Sad. Eat More Cake! 🙂 Love it. Krista @ A Handful of Everything

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