Sweet Spots: Chocolate World Expo 3/3/13

Sunday, 3/3/13, I went to the Second Annual World Chocolate Expo at the Cradle of Aviation on Long Island!

What a day. I was on a chocolate covered cloud the entire time.

Then I had such a sugar rush I couldn’t fall asleep until 4:30 am.

There were about seventy vendors from both New York and Connecticut spread over two floors of the museum, selling all kinds of chocolate and also things like wine, beer, and tea. I got a free sample from pretty much every single nonalcoholic booth there was.

The line to get in was about 1/4 mile long outside in the cold and the entrance fee was $15…but all in all, I’d say it was worth it.

Some things I noted:
(Insanely priced) Belgian waffles!


Irish cream truffles!


Chocolate covered pretzel heaven- cremesicle, toasted almond, peanut butter…plus apples the size of my head. I got a cotton candy chocolate pretzel and OMG was it amazing.


Chocolate. Cheese.


Many teas. I got Dulce de Leche.


Marshmallows from a chocolate fountain my dad got!


Peanut butter cookie 🙂


Insane variety of coffee from Moon Doggie- Carrot Cake, Chocolate Bunny, Almond Joy, Creme Brulee…I was actually so impressed by their creativity. I got a cup of Chocolate Covered Strawberry and it rocked my world.


I am definitely planning to go next year.

More info: www.chocolateworldexpo.com

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