Pie Fries!

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How to Test a Cake for Doneness

The age old question: How can I tell when my cake is done?

I’ve read up on this a lot over the past couple of years. I’ve found three strategies work best to test for doneness:

  1. Insert a toothpick into the center of the cake. When it comes out clean, it’s done.
  2. Check the sides of the cake. They should be just a tad darker than the center, and slightly pulling away from the sides of the pan. I even nudge the cake away from the pan a bit with my finger to see if it holds its own and comes away cleanly.
  3. Lightly press the top of the cake with your finger. It should feel like cake, and pop up accordingly. It’ll be springy!

Questions? Tips?

Make these cakes:

Red Velvet and Cinnamon Layer Rose Birthday Cake

Red Velvet Cinnamon Layer Rose Cake TidyMom

Six Layer Cake – OMG.

Chocolate Raspberry Ombre Petal Cake (This was my Sweet 16 cake!)

Batter Belly Dough Cake

Finalist 4: Batter Belly Dough Cake

Mary Todd Lincoln’s Vanilla Almond Cake


Happy baking!